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Questgen - The Ultimate AI Question Generator

Questgen is an AI quiz generator to generate various kinds of assessments like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), MCQs with multiple correct answers, True/False Questions, Fill-in-the-blanks, Higher-Order Questions, Match-the-following Questions and Bloom's taxonomy quizzes, etc. in one click.

You can edit and make modifications to the generated worksheet before exporting it in many of the available formats like PDF, QTI, Moodle XML, CSV, text, etc.

Questgen's Ai Quiz Generator UI

How it works

Questgen enter any text and generate quiz

01. Enter text in any language or input via URL or document!

Enter any text (up to 80,000 words) in any language, choose the type of quiz questions to be generated (MCQ, True/False, Fill-in-the-blank, FAQ, Short Answers, Higher Order QA), and click on Submit.

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Questgen edit and export quiz

02 Edit and export quiz

You can edit the quiz questions and export them into multiple formats like text (AIKEN, RESPONDUS), PDF, CSV, QTI 2.1, Moodle XML, GIFT, JSON, etc.

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Who is it for?

Teachers and School

Teachers and Schools

Teachers and Schools can use the Questgen authoring tool to create worksheets easily in a few seconds. They can avoid repetitive questions chosen from a fixed question bank every year.

HR Teams

HR Teams

HR teams can use Questgen to create assessments from compliance documents. Every time there is a change in policies, assessments could be generated and given to employees to make sure that they have read and understood the new policies.

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Textbook publishers and edtech companies can use Questgen instead of outsourcing the assessment creation process. They can have a small in-house team and save hugely on time and cost.

What are the supported input formats?

Questgen supports several input formats such as plain text, Website URL, PDF, Word document (DOCX) etc. Read Review about us on FixthePhoto.

Supported formats for Questgen's AI Generator

What are the supported quiz export formats?

Export Formats for Questgen

Available quiz export formats!

You can export the generated quizzes from questgen in any of the following formats:

  • JSON
  • QTI 2.1 (Zip)
  • PDF (Q&A Both)
  • PDF (Questions Only)
  • PDF (Answers Only)
  • Moodle XML
  • GIFT Format
  • Text (AIKEN Format)
  • Text (RESPONDUS)
  • CSV (Compatible with D2L BrightSpace)
  • CSV (Compatible with Form Builder for Gsheets)
  • CSV (Compatible with GimKit)
  • CSV (Compatible with TriviaMaker)
  • CSV (Compatible with Quizziz)

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Questgen's Top Features

Questgen offers comprehensive quiz generation solutions for both educators and learners.

1. Support for various Quiz Types

Questgen supports AI question generation from text for various popular quiz types like MCQs, MCQs with multiple correct answers, True or False, Fill-in-the-blanks, FAQ, Short Answer, Higher Order Question Answers and more!

Supported quiz types for Questgen

2. Study mode for students to practice for an exam

Students can generate an AI quiz from any text or document and click on the Study button to enter into learn mode and practice for a text or exam easily! You will also see a score at the end for automated evaluation quizzes like MCQs, True or False etc

Study Mode of Questgen

3. Bloom's Taxonomy Level Question Generation

You can use Questgen's Bloom's Taxonomy AI quiz maker to create questions on a specific blooms taxonomy level or on all six levels (Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, Create) of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy Quiz Creator for Questgen

4. Match the following Quiz using AI

You can use Questgen's AI Match-the-Following quiz generator to generate matching quiz from any text or document and export in formats specific to match the following quizzes.

Match the Following Quiz Generator of Questgen

5. Image to Quiz generator using AI

You can use Questgen's AI image to quiz generator to upload snapshots from textbooks, newspaper articles, etc, and generate quizzes in 1-click.

Image to Quiz using AI

6. Text to Storybook illustration generator using AI

You can use Questgen's AI illustration generator to generate storybook Illustrations for children's stories from any text in 1-click. You can generate illustrations in several styles like watercolor, line art, comic book etc

Text to storybook illustration generator using AI

7. Similar Question generator using AI

You can use Questgen's similar question generator to generate similar questions to a given question. Perfect to expand your question bank and avoid repetitive questions in every term quiz or exam!

Similar Question Generator using AI

8. AI-powered Video to Quiz Generator

You can use Questgen's audio/video to AI quiz generator to upload any audio or video file and easily create quizzes like MCQs, True/False, Fill-in-the-blanks, etc.! Whether you're a teacher looking to create dynamic assessments or a student preparing for an upcoming exam, Questgen's Video to Quiz Generator is a great solution. Simply download your favorite educational YouTube videos as MP3 audio files using online services and upload them to Questgen to let our AI algorithms generate a comprehensive quiz based on the content.

AI powered video to quiz generator

9. Share and Embed Quizzes!

You can use the quizzes generated by Questgen and share them publicly or embed them on any website as an interactive iframe! Very useful feature if you want users to learn content and take an instant quiz on your website! An example of an interactive quiz that you can take is shown below!