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Questgen is an online tool to generate True or False quizzes automatically using advanced AI techniques in one click.

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Developing a True or False quiz question

A true or false question is used to judge students whether a factual statement or scenario is either true or false. These types of questions are generally used to assess factual knowledge.

Following are some of the most common techniques used to create a true or false quiz from a given paragraph.

1. Add or remove negation

Any factual sentence in a paragraph can be converted into a true/false question by adding or removing negation in it.

Example: True: A grasshopper can fly. False: A grasshopper cannot fly.

2. Change a named entity

A sentence containing a name or a date can be used as a true/false question by changing the entity in the sentence.

Example: True: Augustus was the first Roman emperor. False: Nero was the first Roman emperor.

3. Change adjective

Any sentence containing an adjective can be reversed or changed to generate a true/false question.

Example: True: Bob has a big house. False: Bob has a small house.

4. Change Main Verb.

The main verb of a sentence can be modified to generate a true/false question.

Example: True: When electrons are shared between two atoms, a covalent bond is formed. False: When electrons are transferred between two atoms, a covalent bond is formed.

5. Split compound or complex sentences into simple sentences.

A compound sentence can be split into smaller sentences which can then be used for a true/false question.

Example: True: He wiped off the water and turned the boat upside down. False: He turned the boat upside down

6. Changing the ending noun phrase or verb phrase

A true or false quiz can also be generated by replacing the ending noun phrase or verb phrase with a different one.

Example: True: Aunt Avanti was sitting in the armchair watching the newly washed trees and beautiful sky. False: Aunt Avanti was sitting on the sofa, watching television.

Questgen provides an authoring tool to help you create a True or False quiz question like the ones mentioned above automatically from any text using AI in one click.

How Questgen generates True or False questions

An overview of the steps followed by Questgen to generate a True or False quiz.

How Questgen generates true false questions

01. Summarization to identify key sentences

The given text input is summarized to identify key sentences that contain important concepts discussed in the text. The summarized text is split into individual sentences.

02. Negate candidate sentences

The sentences from step 1 are negated (falsified) with a custom-trained sentence negation algorithm to generate a false sentence from a given true sentence.

03. Post filtering of sentences

Special filters are also used to cluster and eliminate near duplicate sentences that are similar to each other so we preserve diversity in the generated True or False quiz questions.


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