Create Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) online from any text using AI.

Questgen is an online tool to generate MCQs automatically using advanced AI techniques.

A hassle-free MCQ generation experience

Believing in total automation, Questgen allows you to turn paragraphs into several multiple-choice questions with ease. All it takes is one click, a few rearrangements and you are good to go.

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Who is it for?

Teachers use Questgen

Teachers and Schools

Schools and teachers can make use of Questgen to automatically generate worksheets and exam papers. Questgen also helps avoid the use of repetitive questions chosen from a fixed question bank every year.

HR uses Questgen

HR Teams

Assessments for compliance documents are needed by an HR Team whenever there is a change in a company's policy. Questgen can quickly generate such assessments using its advanced AI algorithms.

Publishers use Questgen

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Publishers and Edtech companies can save ample amounts of time and costs by having a small in-house team create various assessments using Questgen, instead of outsourcing or hiring freelancers to do it for them.

How are MCQs made?

The following is a guide on how teachers and tutors create MCQs.

Questgen uses AI algorithms to mimic the human MCQ creation process.

1. Identifying Key Sentences

We start with identifying key sentences that carry key concepts from any given text.

MCQ key sentences

2. Extracting Keywords from Sentences

From the key sentences, we identify keywords and key phrases that form the correct answer to which questions are created.

MCQ keywords from key sentences

3. Forming an MCQ

After we extract a keyword or keyphrase (correct answer), we use AI algorithms to generate a question from the key sentence such that the extracted keyword or keyphrase is the right answer. For a given generated question and right answer pair, we generate relevant distractors (wrong answer choices) using another AI algorithm to generate the complete Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).

Forming an MCQ


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