Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are supported by Questgen?

Questgen currently only supports English. As the algorithms are complex, it will be a while before we can extend Questgen to other languages.

How much content can I give as input to Questgen's engine? How many questions are generated?

Questgen can take text content of 400-500 words as input and generates questions. If you have longer content, it is advised to divide it into chunks of 400-500 words and generate questions with Questgen for each chunk. Depending on text length anywhere between 5 -10 questions are generated from every 400-500 word article content.

Can I request customizations if I get Questgen's B2B API?

Questgen's B2B API is geared toward companies planning to use Questgen and build an internal or external white-labeled solution. Customizations can be made to the API on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of changes requested and the duration of the client contract. Please reach out for more information.

Can I get a trial of the API?

The API output is similar to the output on the web application. Hence users are encouraged to try the web app version to see if the output matches their expectations. In order to get the trial API, the user should have an active subscription to the web app. This helps filter non-serious clients from serious clients. Also, API access is generally provided to verifiable businesses and corresponding email addresses.

What do unlimited runs for individual fair usage mean?

Questgen provides unlimited runs for individual fair use. If an unusually high volume of runs or abuse of the system is detected, we will send a soft warning to your email. In case of further abuse, access may be revoked to the corresponding account and refunds shall not be issued.