Convert Website URL to Quiz using AI in 1-click!

Enter any Website URL and Questgen effortlessly creates quizzes from the text on the webpage in 1-click. Perfect for students to learn or teachers to create practice quizzes!

Transforming Webpages into Quizzes, Easy-Peasy

No more hassle! Just toss a webpage URL into Questgen's advanced AI, and boom! It cooks up quizzes by grabbing all the text from the page. Easy, breezy – perfect for both teachers and learners. This new feature is guaranteed to boost your learning and productivity.

You can even select the difficulty level and the type of quizzes like MCQs, True/False/ Fill-in-the-blanks, etc to generate.

Who's Gonna Love Questgen's Webpage URL to Quiz Feature?

Teachers and School

Educators on the Move

For teachers looking to spice up lessons without spending hours creating quizzes. Questgen's got your back, making your teaching game strong.

HR Teams

Online Learning Enthusiasts

In the digital age, turning online content into quizzes is the way to go. You can enter any website URL, create a quiz, and also test your learning /practice using the Study mode feature.

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Collaborative Educators

For educators who believe in sharing and collaborating. Create quizzes from recent news articles, add your touch, export, and share them with your colleagues and students.

Ways You Can Use It?

1. Teaching Personalized

Let quizzes match how each student learns. Snag content from the web that suits them, making learning a personalized ride.

2. Stay in the Now with News Quizzes

Stay on top with quizzes created from the latest news. Keep your quizzes fresh, connecting lessons to the real world.

3. Interactive Study Vibes

Turn boring study stuff into quizzes that get students interacting. Spice up lessons by using websites as cool learning tools.

4. Online Resources, Maximized

Turn online gold into quizzes. Make learning real and connected to what's happening outside the classroom.

Why It Matters?

  • Engagement Boost: Interactive quizzes make learning enjoyable and increase student participation.
  • Time-Efficient: Save hours on quiz creation. Questgen creates quizzes in seconds, allowing you to focus on teaching.
  • Varied Question Types: From multiple choice to true/false and more, Questgen ensures diverse question formats for a comprehensive assessment.
  • Data-Driven Learning:Analyze performance through quiz results and adapt teaching strategies based on real-time insights.

How It Works?

Import From URL:

Click on Import from URL, enter the webpage link, import text, make any minor modifications, and click on Submit to generate quizzes.

Generate Quiz:

Witness as Questgen extracts key content and crafts a tailored quiz instantly.

Customize and Share:

Fine-tune questions, export, and seamlessly share with your audience.


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