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Where are FAQs mostly used?

FAQs are most commonly seen on websites, online forums, blogs, email newsletters, etc.

Good FAQs generally help out visitors or customers by answering some of the most common questions that come to mind when someone visits a particular website. FAQs are an easy way to answer the important questions someone may have about a particular online platform.


Websites are one of the most common places you will find FAQs. Almost every website has a section at the base of the site dedicated to FAQs. These FAQs can come in different formats and will answer completely different questions based on the services being offered at these sites.

Online Forums

Online forums are where people come together for discussions, have a laugh, and seek solutions to some issues they might be facing. Reddit and Quora are some popular online discussion forums with millions of people using them. In most online forums, when moderators of a specific discussion thread notice a question popping up again and again, they will create an FAQ about it to quickly answer it whenever the question may come up.

Email Newsletters

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are a common component of newsletters. Newsletters are emails sent to subscribers informing them about a particular topic which can be a product, a piece of news, or a recent development at a particular website or organization. Most subscribers often come up with new questions, mostly about the service itself; the FAQs section compiles all the frequently asked questions and gives quick answers to these.

Why are FAQs important?

Someone new who is unfamiliar with FAQs may ponder the question as to why FAQs sections and questions are that important in the online industry. The following points may help answer these questions:

Boost Site Traffic

Using the right FAQs helps you boost your website traffic. It does this by improving the on-site SEO by targeting specific keywords usually used in search queries, thereby improving the pop-up and click rates.

Improve User Experience

When FAQs answer most of the typical user questions and queries from the get-go, it gives users a level of satisfaction and a feeling of easiness. When users feel satisfied they end up engaging more with the website, be it buying a product or service or engaging with the platform.

Improve Website Ranking

As user experience improves, so does the website ranking as more visits to the website improve its SEO and boost its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) score and ranking.

Act As Customer Support

If some of the most frequently asked questions are quickly answered by its FAQ section, then customers do not feel the need to get in touch with customer support, This way FAQs can act as efficient and effective customer support at your website.


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