Generate quizzes from uploaded images in one click using AI.

Turn Images into Quizzes! Upload snapshots from textbooks, newspaper articles, etc, and generate quizzes in 1-click!

Unlock the Power of Visual Learning with Questgen's Image-to-Quiz Feature

Welcome to a learning revolution where images come to life! Questgen's Image-to-Quiz feature is not just a tool; it's your key to creating engaging, personalized, and effective quizzes from dynamic content like textbook screenshots or newspaper snapshots.

Why Image-to-Quiz?

Flexibility Beyond Boundaries

No matter where your text resides – textbooks, handwritten notes, articles, or lecture slides – Questgen can create quizzes in 1-click. You can learn using the study mode or export quizzes as a teacher to create classroom assignments.

A Vibrant Learning Palette

Transform mundane text into lively, interactive quizzes. Make your study sessions not just informative but downright enjoyable.

Learning Scenarios

Let's look at some learning scenarios where Questgen's image-to-quiz feature shines!

1.Textbook Treasures:

Snap pics of textbook pages, turning dull paragraphs into lively quiz sessions. Learning becomes a visual adventure.

2. Handwritten Marvels:

Capture your quirky, handwritten notes, and witness Questgen's ability to turn scribbles into structured quizzes. Your notes are now your study ally.

3. News to Knowledge:

Stay updated on current affairs by converting newspaper clippings into quick quizzes. Connect your studies to the real world effortlessly.

4. Lecture Slides Reimagined:

Lecture slides come alive with Questgen. Snap a photo, and transform it into interactive quizzes, making class materials more engaging and memorable.

5. Coding Challenges Visualized:

For computer science enthusiasts, snap pictures of code snippets, algorithms, or programming diagrams. Turn these visual representations into coding challenges, reinforcing programming concepts in an interactive format.

6. Geography from Maps:

Turn geography lessons into a dynamic experience by snapping photos of maps, country outlines, or geographical features. Questgen generates quizzes that enhance your understanding of global locations and spatial relationships.

Customization for Your Study Goals

Tailor-Made Questions

Whether you're in for a quick review or an in-depth quiz session, Questgen puts the power in your hands. Choose the number of questions that fit your study rhythm.

How It Works

  1. Snap & Upload:
    • Capture any text-containing image – textbooks, notes, articles, etc.
  2. Pick Your Questions:
    • Decide the number of questions you want from the image.
  3. Tap Generate:
    • Witness the magic unfold! Questgen's AI analyzes the text, crafting MCQs tailored to your learning needs.

Your Learning Adventure Begins Now

Ready to transform every image into a quiz opportunity? Click below and witness the magic of Questgen's Image-to-Quiz feature. Elevate your study sessions, making them educational and an experience you look forward to every time!


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