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Practice with quizzes generated on Questgen, test your learning, and view your scores! It's perfect for learners who wish to study for a test or simply test their general knowledge on any topic.

Embark on Your Quest for Knowledge with Questgen Study Mode

Welcome to Questgen Study Mode – the ultimate playground for dynamic learners like you! We're here to make your study sessions not just informative but downright thrilling.

Imagine this: you can jump into any topic, whether it's an intriguing Wikipedia article or your meticulously crafted study notes in PDF or document format, and turn them into quizzes that challenge and engage you.

Your Learning Journey, Your Way

Discover the magic of versatility:

Explore Any Website

Ever felt like turning that fascinating blog post or Wikipedia page into a quiz? Now you can! Simply paste the URL, and voila – dynamic quizzes that you can practice.

Upload Your Study Notes

Got your own notes in PDF or document format? Awesome! Upload them, and let Questgen work its magic. Your notes, transformed into quizzes, are ready to roll.

Crafting Your Personalized Learning Experience:

It's all about options:

Diverse Quiz Types

Spice up your study routine with Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank, FAQs, and Higher Order Questions. Learning has never been this dynamic!

Difficulty and Quantity Control

Set the difficulty level that suits your mood – easy, medium, or hard. Choose how many questions you want to tackle, and let the adventure begin.

Seamless Question-by-Question Exploration

Your learning, your pace

Card-Based Questions

Imagine each question presented as a card – a bite-sized challenge designed for deep engagement.

Progress Bar Guidance

Navigate through questions effortlessly with a progress bar at the top, offering a visual map of your journey.

Instant Feedback for Continuous Growth

Real-time Correctness

Select your answer, and in an instant, discover whether you nailed it or if there's room for improvement.

Results That Speak Volumes

The finale of your learning session

Comprehensive Scorecard

As you wrap up your quiz, unveil a detailed scorecard showcasing your overall performance.

Right or Wrong Clarity

Review each question with answers highlighted, differentiating correct choices from those that need a bit more attention.

Questgen Study Mode transforms learning into a dynamic, interactive experience. Embrace the challenge, track your progress, and celebrate your growth – every card flipped, every quiz completed, propelling you further on your quest for knowledge! Ready to embark on this captivating journey? Click below to begin your Study Mode adventure!

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