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What makes Questgen the best AI Quiz Maker?

Questgen is a multipurpose AI quiz maker that can create entire exam sheets for you, whether for practice or an actual test. Questgen uses advanced AI to analyze text and generate questions. These questions make you think and calculate the answers. Whether it is a task to create a similar math quiz or a simple quiz of remembering information, Questgen comes to your rescue. And if you don’t like the questions it makes, well you can quickly edit them or even regenerate questions for different results. Let’s explore Questgen in more detail.

Questgen the best AI Quiz Maker and its Interface

Journey to Innovation: The Birth and Vision of Questgen

Inception: The Birth of Questgen

Ramsri, the creator of Questgen, is an AI expert with 10+ years of work and entrepreneurship experience across the USA, Singapore, and India. While experimenting with novel ideas, he stumbled upon automatic question generation using machine-learning models that could generate questions out of pieces of text. He built AI models, wrote blogs on the topic of automatic question generation, released a course and GitHub library, and later converted it into this SaaS app.

A Vision for the Future: Questgen's Aspirations

Questgen was created to give teachers, content creators, and ed-tech companies an easy platform to make quizzes. The platform's main aim is to offer an easy tool for making professional-level exam questions and quizzes. It can be used by schools and colleges or by students who want to practice for exams. Questgen is always getting better, step by step, with newer models that improve the quality and newer features that are requested by users from time to time.

Questgen Unleashed: Exploring Its Boundless Possibilities

Master the Art of Crafting Multiple Choice Questions

Creating effective Multiple Choice Questions can be a daunting task, not that it is hard, but because it takes too much time. Creating a single effective MCQ involves multiple steps where key sentences are identified, specific and relevant keywords are extracted, and then presented in the form of a multiple-choice question that is just perfect. A good multiple-choice question must have the ability to truly challenge its solver, to be tough but not impossible to solve in a short amount of time. This is where Questgen shines with its impeccable question-making abilities that analyze texts and generate the perfect question. But why stop at creating an MCQ with a single correct answer when you can have multiple correct answers, to truly test the critical thinking and decision-making of test takers? Questgen has a tool for that too!

Simple UI of Questgen for choosing what to generate

Dive Deeper with Multiple Answers: A Questgen Special

Want to raise the difficulty level of your MCQ quizzes? Well, Questgen has the right feature for you. With Questgen you can now create multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers. These types of questions are sometimes seen in tests where teachers want to truly test their students by reducing the likelihood of them guessing the correct answer and allowing for a more adaptive and engaging learning experience. MCQs with multiple choices help teachers with the broader coverage of a subject matter and help them assess students based on their deeper understanding of concepts. Creating multiple-choice questions with multiple correct answers is harder than creating simple MCQs, and Questgen reduces that effort to simply clicking a couple of buttons.

Truth or Fiction: Crafting True or False Questions with Ease

Creating fact-based true or false questions may seem quite simple, and people might think that anyone can do it. There is a much deeper level of understanding of the core principles of question-making involved in the entire process of creating true or false questions. True or false questions can be created in various ways, such as by adding or removing a negation or changing an adjective. But, knowing all these ways of making true or false questions and also being able to do it quickly and effectively is what is most important. What’s a better way to make true or false questions? Having the best quiz maker do it for you in a matter of seconds. And Questgen does the job seamlessly. Just feed it anywhere from 500 to 25,000 words and it will quickly analyze all the text and churn out the best true or false questions from the given input. Questgen follows all the principles of making effective true or false questions so you won’t even have to edit the generated questions later after Questgen has done its magic.

Elevate Learning with Higher-Order Questions

Higher-order questions go a step beyond simple information and the thinking behind these questions is much more complex. They prompt learners to provide more justifying answers which leads to heightened levels of learning and knowledge gain. Most higher-order questions are based on one of the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy that are used to categorize questions on levels of their learning objective. These levels explore student understanding, remembrance, analysis, evaluation, and creativity. This better understanding of concepts leads to a better application of knowledge by students in everyday life. Questgen makes it very easy to create higher-order questions from any given piece of text. And this is just a part of the amazing feature set of the best quiz maker in the market. Let’s keep exploring these Questgen features a little more.

Unlock FAQs with Questgen: Your Information Gateway

You will have seen FAQs on almost every website or online forum. They are the first means of information that allows people to gain a better understanding of what sort of products or services are being provided by a website or entity on the internet. Sometimes knowing what to answer a FAQ or simply understanding what to add to the FAQ section of a platform can be a daunting task. There are multiple things to consider during this, and Questgen provides the best tools to make this process as simple and as streamlined as possible by allowing you to generate FAQs by simply inputting some of the most frequent questions you get asked by people on your website and what your typical response is those questions.

Challenge the Mind: Fill in the Blanks with Questgen

Fill in the blank questions are an industry standard of sorts when it comes to assassin a student’s capabilities in understanding and recalling important details about concepts and pieces of information. These questions are an effective way to test the comprehension and critical thinking of test takers and students. Fill in the blank questions promote deeper processing of information that improves knowledge retention in students ultimately helping them remember more information effectively. Questgen is designed to create accurate fill-in-the-blank questions for teachers to use in tests or for students to practice before important exams.

Similar, Yet Unique: Crafting Quizzes with a Twist

Teachers often face a common problem, especially in maths and physics-related subjects when designing problems for students that are different from textbook questions. Those do not offer a robust way of testing student knowledge as they may simply choose rote learning rather than understanding the actual problems and solving them. These issues can simply be solved by presenting new and different questions that are similar to the questions that students are used to but they may introduce information differently, imploring students to understand the problem instead of just rote learning solutions of all the problems in the textbook. However, creating new and unique yet similar questions like this can have different types of problems, which include the generation of questions that are as close to the original questions as possible while being different at the same time. This is where Questgen shines with its ability to create similar questions with great accuracy.

Create shockingly similar quiz questions with Questgen

Bloom's Taxonomy in Action: Questgen's Question Wizardry

Bloom’s Taxonomy is an integral part of education whether it is online or offline. It enables educators and learners to set clear and specific learning objectives which is especially valuable when teachers want to generate quiz questions or any sort of educational content. The taxonomy levels make sure that there is a variety of questions that cater to different cognitive levels. Bloom’s taxonomy allows for more progressive learning with its levels and encourages critical thinking in students. This kind of progression helps in designing learning experiences that build upon each other to promote deeper understanding. Bloom’s taxonomy is split into six basic levels on a hierarchical basis that promote a deeper knowledge of concepts with increasing levels. These levels are:

  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating

Making sure that your questions explore each of these aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy can be difficult at times. This is where Questgen comes in, our platform's advanced AI understands what it takes to create a question for each of Bloom’s Taxonomy levels, and the AI essentially uses similar techniques as Bloom’s taxonomy to learn about the given prompts itself.

Generating AI quiz following Bloom's Taxonomy

Tailored Learning: Generating Quizzes for Specific Taxonomy Levels

Now we understand that sometimes we need to create questions where we test only a specific part of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We’re not always on the lookout to test all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy in students. This is why Questgen allows you to make a quiz that only generates questions based on a specific selected level of Bloom’s taxonomy, and the process is quite simple. At the Questgen website, you will find a dedicated tab where you can generate Bloom’s taxonomy quizzes to your heart’s content. That is also where you can select a specific level of Bloom’s taxonomy you want to work with and create MCQ quizzes exploring that specific level.

Select specific Bloom's Taxonomy Level for quiz making

Questgen Demystified: Pricing, Features, and More

It's on the House: Your Free Questgen Trial

With features as amazing as these, you might be thinking that the pricing model for Questgen might be too steep or expensive. Surprise! Questgen is free for the first 20 runs. Just register with an email account and that's about it, we will not ask you about any sort of credit card information either. With the “Free” plan you also get email support where you can directly get in touch with Ramsri and he will personally help you sort out and answer any queries you have.

Pricing Made Simple: Explore Questgen's Plans

The pricing plans for Questgen are very simple, there is the “Free” version and then there is a “Pro” subscription plan that is $15 per month or $150 for a yearly subscription. The “Pro” plan obviously includes priority customer support regarding any sort of issues that you might be facing with Questgen. On top of that, you also get early access to new features being rolled out by Questgen. The platform is ever-evolving and introducing new features so we like to share this with our customers as early as possible. Questgen follows an Individual Fair Usage policy where it considers 3000 runs monthly under individual fair use. If you exceed this volume then the platform restricts further runs for the month but you can request higher volumes very easily.

Questgen's simple pricing model for the best AI quiz maker

Size Matters: Understanding Prompt Limits

A question you might ask is how much text you can enter at any given time that Questgen will work with. Well, that limit is 25,000 words at the moment. Any text prompt less than 25,000 and Questgen will be able to accurately analyze the text and give the best outputs. But as more and more optimizations and improvements are made to Questgen this word limit will definitely increase.

Customize the Challenge: Adjusting Question Difficulty

Yes, we recently rolled out a new feature where you can change the difficulty of questions that Questgen generates. You can select between 3 basic levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Hard. The difficulty can be selected whenever you are about to generate a quiz. The option for selecting difficulty is right next to the question count, you can take a closer look at the following image to understand exactly where you can change the question difficulty.

Adjusting questions difficulty in Questgen

Question Quantity Made Easy: How Many Can You Create?

You can select the number of questions Questgen generates for the given piece of text. This number varies for different features, you can prompt Questgen to create a complete 25-question MCQ quiz for you or any other quiz for that matter.

Generate up to 25 questions at once with Questgen

Export Your Brilliance: Quiz Sharing with Questgen

Definitely, after you have generated and edited your quiz on Questgen you are given the option to export your quiz in your preferred format. Currently, Questgen supports the export of quizzes in the popular AIKEN format for quizzes as well as the supported quiz format for the famous RESPONDUS platform. Other than those you can download a CSV file of the quizzes you make that are compatible with Form Builder used for quiz making on Google Sheets. There is also an added option for downloading the quizzes in JSON format for developers so they can use the quizzes for their own platforms and customize how they look.

Various export formatting options from Questgen

Craft Your Perfect Quiz: Editing on the Questgen Platform

You can very easily edit your quizzes on the Questgen website, after Questgen has worked its magic and has generated the quiz for you, you can simply click on the “EDIT” button that appears, and after that, you can edit the questions and answers as you see fit. You can also rearrange questions to sort them however you want. Once you are done editing just click on the “SAVE” button at the top of the quiz and your changes will be saved.

Simple question editing interface of Questgen

Diverse Languages, One Quiz Maker: Questgen's Language Support

We wanted to make Questgen the best quiz maker for everyone, which is why the platform also supports languages other than English when it comes to quiz making. The platform works well with the Spanish, Hindi, and French languages but 100% accurate results are not guaranteed so you might have to tweak the quizzes around a bit if you want the best quiz for you.

Comparing Questgen: How We Stack Up Against Competitors

Questgen vs Quillionz

Quillionz is an established platform when it comes to comparing it with Questgen, and it has a simple and cheap pricing plan which is very enticing. On the other hand, Questgen has its simplicity going for it. Being able to create quizzes in minutes on a professional level sets Questgen apart. Questgen is also a semi-open source platform where you can easily explore a lot of the source code behind the platform offering more transparency. We have done an in-depth comparison of Questgen vs Quillionz, do check it out.

Questgen vs Quizbot

Quizbot offers a more comprehensive and detailed platform that may at some times be a handful when it comes to exploring the platform's various features. The free plan has a limit of 1000 words of generated content which will probably run out after you make a 10-question quiz. In contrast offers a lump sum of 20 free runs on its free plan. Quizbot has a bigger list of features and a steep pricing plan as compared to Questgen. But Questgen excels when it comes to simplicity and following a niche. Where Quizbot tries to do almost everything related to AI, Questgen stays true to its Ed-tech roots.

Questgen vs Quiz Gecko

Quiz Gecko and Questgen are like distant cousins, they both offer similar features and even have similar user interfaces when it comes to quiz-making. But unlike Questgen, Quiz Gecko has a lot of its features locked behind a paywall, you can’t even make a 5-question quiz on the free plan. But credit where credit is due, the sheer number of supported languages at Quiz Gecko is amazing. But when it comes to the list of features and pricing model, Quiz Gecko falls behind Questgen.


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