Questgen App and API Pricing

Questgen has two different pricing options. One is aimed at individuals using the Questgen Web app. The other one is for B2B companies who want to integrate the Questgen API.

App Pricing

Generate unlimited questions and answers with our Pro plan.

Cancel any time.



Get started for free and try out Questgen.

✓ Get started with 15 Free Runs

✓ Email support


$24.99 /month

Or $19.99/month billed yearly

Unlimited runs for individual use.

Unlimited Runs

Priority Support

Advanced access to features.

B2B API Integration: Monthly Pricing

If you are a company looking to integrate Questgen API into your products please check the pricing below and reach out to [email protected]

Eg: The 999$ pro plan gets 50000 total API calls per month. Each API call takes in ~500 words and generates 8-10 quiz questions (MCQs, True/False), etc.

B2B Pricing Chart