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Generate amazing illustrations from any text in 1-click with Questgen's storybook illustration generator!

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The best AI Quiz maker is now also the best Storybook Illustrator!

Following the success of our AI quiz-making solutions, we're excited to unveil another game-changing feature – Illustration Generation for storybooks, whether it's for children or adults. Now, not only can you create engaging quizzes effortlessly, but you can also breathe life into your content with captivating Storybook Illustrations in various enchanting styles like Line Art, Watercolor, Comic Book, etc.

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Why is text-to-image generation important?

Just as our quizzes enhance active recall, our Image Generation feature transforms mundane text into visual masterpieces, fostering a deeper connection with your audience. Imagine the possibilities – from educational materials to captivating story quizzes, Questgen's Image Generation adds a whole new dimension to your content creation. With this vision in mind, we worked effortlessly to introduce this amazing feature that will help you connect with your audience on a whole new level!

What can you use Image generation for?

Ready to unleash your creativity? Questgen's AI-powered Image Generation works seamlessly, allowing you to effortlessly integrate stunning visuals into your stories. Whether you're a teacher looking to engage young students or a content creator wanting to captivate your audience, the possibilities are endless. Pro Tip: You can even enter the same text input that you used for creating a quiz into the storybook illustrator to generate relevant images for the quiz!

Image generation from a quiz based question

How to use the Storybook Generation Feature

In just one click, you can transform any piece of text into visually appealing Storybook Illustrations that resonate with your audience. We have kept the user interface consistent with our other quiz generation tools so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to create images for yourself. You just enter the text, select the options (style and count of images), and submit. Questgen's AI will take over from there and work its magic.

Crafting Images with Panache

Much like constructing effective quizzes, crafting Storybook Illustrations requires attention to detail. For best results from Questgen's AI, you must:

  • Ensure your text is clear and concise, allowing the AI to generate illustrations that are precise for your context.
  • Questgen offers a range of enchanting styles (line art, watercolor, etc), allowing you to tailor your visuals to your content. So make sure you select the right one for you.
  • Personalize your generated illustrations to align with your unique style and message. You can resubmit the same text and generate new illustrations until the AI generates the perfect image for your content.

What sort of Illustrations can make?

Right now we have added four different types of illustrations you can generate using Questgen. Each caters to your specific needs. Whether you need Watercolor illustrations or Line Art for your stories, Questgen has you covered! Let's learn more about the types of illustrations you can make with Questgen and see how the same piece of text can make unique art for different art styles.


Imagine painting with magical colors that dance and blend together like a beautiful rainbow! Watercolor is like using special paints that love to mix and mingle on paper. It's like telling a story with colors that can be soft like a gentle hug or bold like a superhero's cape!

Comic Book

Comic book art is like drawing your own adventures with characters who have big emotions and exciting actions. It's like turning a regular day into an epic quest!

Line Art

Think of line art as drawing with cool superhero outlines. It's like using strong, clear lines to create awesome pictures without any coloring. It's like having a superhero that doesn't need any fancy colors to show off their amazing powers!


Kawaii is all about making things super-duper cute! Imagine drawing characters with big, sparkly eyes and tiny smiles that make you want to hug them. It's like creating a world filled with the cutest things you can imagine, like adorable animals and happy faces!

Join educators and content creators who have embraced Questgen's innovative tools. Craft quizzes that not only challenge but enthrall your audience. Elevate your quizzes with the power of Questgen's Illustration Generation – because learning should always be an immersive and fun adventure!

Why Choose Questgen's Storybook Generation?

Questgen is always trying to introduce new features to the platform and make the platform a one-stop shop for everything educators need to create the most engaging learning experiences for their students. But, we recognize the importance of simplicity.

Not everyone is a tech geek who is always in the loop regarding the newest advances in tech. Questgen aims to bring those advanced features to its audience in a simple and refined way. So you don't have to worry about how to tweak all the various knobs and buttons until you get the result you are looking for.

We take our time developing and fine-tuning new features until they are just perfect for our audience in terms of ease of use and effectiveness.

If you're still not convinced, look at the many ways that storybook illustrator helps you out!

Selection of the types of images Questgen can generate


Instantly transform your text into visuals, saving you valuable time in content creation and avoiding looking for generic stock images on the internet.

Quality Control:

Questgen is committed to delivering high-quality, engaging visuals for your quizzes.


Generate a diverse array of illustrations based on your text, ensuring your content is always fresh and exciting.


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